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Turns: 6D
KV: 6260 KV
Max Amps (A): 45 A
Max Volt (V): 12 V
Continuous Power (W): 300 W
Max Power (W): 550 W
Max RPM: 75K
Rm: 0.0122
No-Load Current (A): 2.0 A
Shaft Diameter (mm): 3 mm
Flat spot on the shaft?: Yes (10 mm)
Output shaft length: 13 mm
Diameter x Length (mm): 20.5 mm x 49 mm
Bolt Pattern (mm): 4 x M 2.5 x 15 mm
Cable: 75 mm
Weight (g): 73 g
Poles: 4P
This motor has sealed housing.


  1. Our standard data sheet is only for reference. If you are very serious of the specification, please confirm it with us firstly;
  2. The weight of the motor might be different from the data sheet. The motor with different KV value has different coils inside. The output wires are also with different diameters because of different load current limits;
  3. Different measuring methods may result in different KV-values. We have our own definition and calculation based on the data measured from our professional devices. Normally the error is strictly controlled within 3%;
  4. We support customer-designed service. If you are not satisfied with our classic product, please confirm with us whether we can provide a special version for your application;
  5. Instead of motor repair, we provide rotor and stator for replacement. The price of either rotor or stator will be 60% motor price;
  6. Because of historical reasons, partial accessories of the motor (housing, covers, screws, etc.) may be different from old versions; Sometimes, the motor size will be also a little bit different from our data sheet.


  1. We are TP Power warehouse located in Paderborn, Germany. All packages will be sent from Paderborn to your address if you are in Europe. We already paid import tax to the German customs;
  2. If the ordered product is in Germany, the package will be sent in 2-3 working days. If the ordered product is not in Germany, we have to produce it in our Chinese factory and then send it to Germany. The whole delivery period may be 6-8 weeks or even longer (if our factory has a heavy working load, or meets public holidays, etc.);
  3. Our delivery partner is DHL. You will receive an E-mail from DHL with the tracking number after your package has been sent out. Using some links within the DHL E-mail, you may customize the delivery for your convenience.

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